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Some Important Publications by Category


2016a  Do We Need God to be Good? An anthropologist considers the evidence. Castalia House

2016b  Ethical Thought in Increasingly Complex Societies. Social structure and moral development.    Lexington Books.

2011  On Primitive Society, and other forbidden topics. AuthorHouse UK

2008a How We Got Here. From bows and arrows to the space age. AuthorHouse UK

2008b The Konso of Ethiopia . A study of the Values of an East Cushitic Society. AuthorHouse UK. Revised  edition of 1st edition, 1972

2004 The Evolution of Moral Understanding .

1986 The Principles of Social Evolution . Oxford : Clarendon Press. (1988 2nd edition, paperback.)

1980 The Foundations of Primitive Thought . Oxford : Clarendon Press.

Translated as:

1984 Die Grundlagen Primitiven Denkens . Tr. L. Bernard. Stuttgart : Klett Cotta. 1990.2 nd edition, paperback.

1984 I Fondamenti del Pensiero Primitivo . Tr. S. Tre Re. Intro. M. Squillaciotti. Rome : Editori Riuniti.

1986 Fundamentos del Pensamiento Primitivo . Tr. F. Patan. Mexico : Fondo de Cultura Economica.

1977 Bloodshed and Vengeance in the Papuan Mountains . The generation of conflict in Tauade society. Oxford : Clarendon Press.

1972 The Konso of Ethiopia . A study of the values of a Cushitic people . Oxford : Clarendon Press.


1979 The Kukukuku of the Upper Watut . Edited from the published and unpublished fieldnotes of the late Beatrice Blackwood, with Introduction and Bibliography. Oxford : Pitt Rivers Museum Monograph Series No. 2.

Some Journal articles:

1997 'Social evolution'. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics , 152(4), 682-689.

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1985 'Social and biological evolution I: Darwinism and social evolution'. Journal of Soc.and Biol. Struct ., 8, 129-146.

1984 'The relevance of the theory of inclusive fitness to human society'. Journal of Soc.and Biol. Struct ., 7, 131-144.

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1968 'The status of craftsmen among the Konso of southwest Ethiopia'. Africa , 38, 258-269.

Encyclopaedia articles:

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