Do We Need God to be Good? An anthropologist considers the evidence

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To know how to live do we need God and religion, or, does religion only produce wars, hatred, intolerance and unhappiness? Does giving up God mean giving up morality, or, can we live peaceful and fulfilling lives as atheists by following science and reason instead? The book shows that trying to base a moral life on atheism and science alone has some very nasty surprises in store for us. Humanism, in particular, is exposed as nothing more than an ethnocentric regurgitation of Western liberalism and consumerism.

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On Primitive Society, and other forbidden topics 

Political correctness in social anthropology has made the terms 'primitive society', 'social evolution', and even 'human nature' unacceptable, and removed the possibility of open academic debate about them, Written from the perspective of a lifetime's research, this collection of papers takes a hard look at these taboos, and challenges some fundamental assumptions of post-modern thinking. Including some new material on memetics, evolutionary psychology and Darwinian theory in the social theory in the social sciences, this collection provides a long overdue assessment of some key topics in modern anthropology.

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Hallpike's large collection of colour and black-and-white photographs of field-work in Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea is now available online at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. Please click here to visit the collection.


Two classic books that have been out of print for many years, and are now available for free download:

The Principles of Social Evolution   

The Principles of Social Evolution.pdf

The Foundations of Primitive Thought

The Foundations of Primitive Thought.pdf

A selection of papers from On Primitive Society are free to download below. 

Political correctness and the death of cultural anthropology.pdf

Some anthropological objections to evolutionary psychology.pdf

Memetics. A Darwinian pseudo-science.pdf

The weakness of adaptive explanations.pdf

The anthropology of time.pdf

Social hair.pdf

Additional papers available:

The Konso revisited: how anthropologists get things wrong.pdf

The Man-Eating Myth reconsidered.pdf

So all languages aren't equally complex after all.pdf

A review of Sapiens.pdf

A response to Swearing is Good for You.pdf

Primitive concepts of the natural world.pdf

Cognitive and social aspects of moral development.pdf

Rene Girard's world of fantasy.pdf

Inclusive Fitness.pdf

Functionalist Interpretations of primitive warfare.pdf

How Social Evolution Works.pdf

Is there a primitive society?.pdf


Two types of reciprocity.pdf

 Four other papers of general interest are also free to download below.

Principles of alliance formation between Konso towns.pdf

Constructivism and selection two opposed theories of social evolution.pdf

 Are human rights ethnocentric.pdf

The social poison of individual rights.pdf


How We Got Here. From Bows and Arrows to the Space Age

Explains how modern science and industry evolved, in a non-Darwinian way, from pre-modern and ancient roots, and shows that there was no seamless progression from the stone axe to the nuclear reactor, but that technology itself depends on culture and the human imagination.

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ISBN: 9781438908335

"Few books cover such a wide range of subjects, and books like this one that provide deep insights into many aspects of their wide range are very rare indeed."  ISIS

The Konso of Ethiopia

This is a completely revised version of the first edition of 1972 containing a great deal more material collected in 1997. The Konso are one of the most important peoples of East Africa and have an extremely complex social and ritual organization It is shown that much of this complexity is neither functionally necessary for the survival of their society, nor determined by their mode of production.

In 2011 UNESCO declared the Konso Cultural Landscape to be a World Heritage Site. The Ethiopian Government quoted Hallpike's work as part of its application and to read this please click here Konso World Heritage Site.pdf

ISBN: 9781434330314

The Evolution of Moral Understanding

This title is no longer available for free download. It has been replaced by a new book ETHICAL THOUGHT IN INCREASINGLY COMPLEX SOCIETIES.

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